• The Workers' Recovery Professional Certification Program (WRP)

    Workers' Recovery Professional Program - Students enrolled in the WRP Program, Start Here.

    This is the master course for the WRP certification. It is the starting point for the program and the area where course progress and cumulative grades can be monitored, as well as where the certification will be issued.

    Advanced Training & Education Center (ATEC-Prime)

    This area houses all of our additional educational programs.  Additionally, the ATEC hosts several standalone offerings.

    ATEC-Prime Members Home Page  Learn More and Join ATEC-Prime
    The ATEC-Prime itself hosts continuing education, live courses, webinars, special articles, podcasts, Alumni Association, and more. ATEC-Prime members will be able to complete elective courses that provide CE credit for their WRP re-certification.

    WorkCompCollege Associate Program (ATEC-A)
    This is an Associates level certification offered by WorkCompCollege.com. Almost all credits will transfer to the full WRP upon completion. 

    Technology Essentials (ATEC-T)
    ATEC-T Certification. Coming 2nd Qtr 2023

    State-Specific Modules
    Opening with limited states 2nd Qtr 2023. Projected completion for the end of the year, 2023