Medicare Secondary Payer Accreditation

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The Medicare Secondary Payer Accreditation (MSPA) program is comprised of nine (9) courses discussing Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) principles, including Medicare Set-Asides, Medicare conditional payments, and mandatory insurer reporting requirements as mandated by Section 111 of the Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act of 2007.

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This comprehensive, on-demand course is designed for entry-level claims professionals and seasoned claims professionals alike, including insurance adjusters, attorneys, paralegals, nurses, and even current college or graduate students. MSPA students will learn the basic building blocks of MSP compliance (along with an introduction and overview of the federal Medicare program), gain an understanding of all three fundamental pillars of MSP compliance (Medicare Set-Asides, conditional payments, and mandatory reporting), receive an in-depth look at seminal case law driving MSP legal development, become apprised of significant federal rulemaking involving an organization’s potential exposure to civil money penalties for non-compliance with reporting rules, and also learn how to apply this learned knowledge to settlements involving Medicare beneficiaries or settlements where the claimant is anticipated to become a Medicare beneficiary within thirty (30) months of settlement.

MSPA is ideal for individual claims professionals looking to enhance their MSP knowledge and for claims organizations looking to train their claims professionals by experts in the industry. Unlike any other MSP course or program, registered students will receive regular MSP updates (e.g., immediate notification and detailed explanation of all significant updates stemming from developing government policy guidance or judicial findings), and students will also receive a direct line of communication with Sanderson Firm course instructors for any questions that may arise as you progress through the course. In short, MSPA includes the benefits of online learning (such as progressing through the course at the pace most comfortable for each individual student), plus the major benefits associated with in-person learning (such as the ability to ask questions directly from your instructor).

If you or your organization desires to learn from the best in the industry, MSPA is the perfect fit.

What classes are offered under the MSPA program?

  1. Introduction, Background, and Overview of Medicare Secondary Payer
  2. Medicare Set-Asides, Part 1
  3. Medicare Conditional Payments, Part 1
  4. Medicare Mandatory Insurer Reporting (Section 111 Reporting), Part 1
  5. Landmark Medicare Secondary Payer Case Law
  6. Medicare Set-Asides, Part 2
  7. Medicare Conditional Payments, Part 2
  8. Medicare Mandatory Insurer Reporting (Section 111 Reporting), Part 2
  9. Navigating Settlements Involving Medicare Beneficiaries and Reasonable Expectation Claimants

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