Appropriate, Not Zero, Opioids

In recognition that September is international Pain Awareness Month (“#MyPainPlan focuses on the vital importance of an individualized, multidisciplinary, multimodal approach to pain care”), I am republishing my August 3, 2017 LinkedIn blogpost entitled “Appropriate, Not Zero, Opioids.” It is as relevant and true on September 21, 2020 as it was when I originally wrote it. I hope it again re-centers our attention on the journey towards helping people live a full life…

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An Advocacy Success

An article in the June 2020 edition of CLM Magazine entitled “Be Kind and Keep It Simple” piqued my interest in the success of an advocacy program at Fidelity National Financial in Jacksonville, FL. Specifically, the nationwide director of safety and claims management who was responsible for envisioning and implementing the advocacy program, Kimberly Simmons. So I arranged a phone interview with her to dive into even more details behind…

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Today is Yesterday’s Mañana

You've probably used the term "mañana" even if you don't speak Spanish. While many think it means tomorrow, Merriam-Webster defines it as "an indefinite time in the future." With either understanding, it definitely means deferral. What did you not do yesterday by deferring it until mañana? Even though you had the same 86,400 seconds yesterday that you had the day before and that you have today, was there at least one thing…

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