A 2 Minute Lesson – The Legislative Role in the Direction of Workers’ Comp

This week's "Two-Minute Lesson" features Ametros Managing Director Paul Sighinolfi teaching the course, The Legislative Role in the Direction of Workers' Comp. Sighinolfi is a former Chairman of the Maine Workers' Compensation Commission and is one of the most versed people in the nation on various workers' compensation laws. This course is part of the Workers' Recovery Professional Certification Program. [fvplayer id="30"]

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A 2-Minute Lesson- Improving Communications Through the Compelling Display of Data

 Dr. Bob Emery, Professor of Occupational Health at University of Texas School of Public Health offers this course on communicating data in a manner designed to maximize your message and effectiveness. This course is available in full to members of our Advanced Training & Education Center. Learn more about that comprehensive program here. [fvplayer id="24"]

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