Master Scholarship Application Center offers a variety of scholarship opportunities. Some are based on economic necessity, while others are attached to different life experiences. Please review the list below, and if you wish to pursue a scholarship grant for our Workers’ Recovery Professional certification program, select the one appropriate to your situation.

Please select the type of application you are applying for. The appropriate required fields will appear for the scholarship type you select.

  • The Founders Kids’ Chance Scholarship is open to any current or past Kids’ Chance Scholarship recipients who either have or want to have a career in workers’ comp. This is fully funded by
  • The Partner Scholarship, fully funded by our named Associate Partners. These awards are largely based on economic necessity.
  • Faculty Grant Scholarship, funded by faculty member donations to further improve the entire workers’ compensation system. These awards are largely based on economic necessity.
  • Service & Commitment Scholarship, available to honorably discharged veterans.  
  • Mind, Body & Spirit scholarship, designed for those current workers’ compensation professionals who have participated in college or professional athletics. 
KC Scholarship App

Reference Section 

For this scholarship we ask for three references. These can be work or personal references.

Reference # 1

Reference # 2

Reference # 3

For this scholarship we require a short essay (approx 800 words) telling us why you want to complete the Workers' Recovery Professional Program. Include why you deserve this scholarship, why you should be considered, greatest strength in the work comp process as well as greatest weakness.

Please upload that essay in PDF, Text or Word form.

Scholarships are not cash value awards, rather they represent the waving of enrollment fees for educational programs as designated. Information entered on this application is protected by our Privacy Policy. We will not share or sell your information. Scholarship approval is determined by a volunteer committee of faculty members. Scholarship approval is not guranteed.

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