WorkCompCollege Associate Certification (ATEC-A)

Currently under development, with a targeted launch date of March 31, 2023

WorkCompCollege Associate Certification (ATEC-A) – Described as an entry level program, the curriculum for the ATEC-A is largely comprised of base courses from the 9 schools of discipline that make up the flagship WRP program. Entry level employees, or organizations looking to enhance existing training programs, will find the offerings of the ATEC-A useful. Additionally, almost all credits from the ATEC-A will transfer to the WRP program if a student chooses to enroll in that at a later date. It is scheduled to be available at the start of the 2nd quarter of 2023.

What classes are offered under the ATEC-A program?

  1. (General Studies) The Grand Bargain as a Foundational Element of Workers’ Compensation
  2. (Claims) Workers’ Compensation Claim Handling 101
  3. (Claims) Claim Adjudication Foundations
  4. (Claims) Coverage + Compensability
  5. (Humanities) Emotional Intelligence
  6. (Humanities) Creating the Customer Experience & Why a WRP Mindset is Important & Different
  7. (Legal) Legal 101: Legal tests, claims, and defenses
  8. (Legal) The roles, relationships, and duties of the attorney
  9. (Medical Mgmt) Medical Management 101: Evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of work-related injuries
  10. (Medical Mgmt) Medical Management 102: A Deeper Dive into Causation, Red Flags and Work Disability Prevention
  11. (Medical Mgmt) The Foundational Importance of a Biopsychosocial Approach
  12. (Reg/Leg) History of Workers’ Compensation: The First Great Social Justice Movement
  13. (Reg/Leg) Administrative Rule Making Process and Shaping Workers’ Compensation Regulations
  14. (RTW) The Importance of Work Disability Prevention and the Worker-Centric Model
  15. (RTW) The Psychosocial Landscape of Return to Work
  16. (Risk Mgmt) Introduction to Risk Management
  17. (Risk Mgmt) Risk Transfer Process
  18. (Stakeholders) The Injured Worker, the Primary Stakeholder
  19. (Stakeholders) The Employer: The Third Stakeholder in Workers’ Compensation

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