Workers’ Recovery Professional (WRP) Certification Registration

The Workers’ Recovery Professional Certification Course is open! Our tuition cost is $995 per student, and the entire course offers over 55 hours of training and content. (The campus went live on November 17, 2022, with 25 courses online. All courses are scheduled to be available by January 1, 2023).

You can register for this program today and start your journey to this certification. Your access to the course will be activated within one day of payment.

If you prefer to register with a check, you may download our offline registration form here.

WRP Registration Form
Price: $995.00
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Upon successful payment, you will be directed to a Registration set up page where you will set up your student access information. Please note: Your access to the WRP Certification will be activated within one business day of purchase. (After November 17th Launch Date)

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