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Welcome to the WorkCompCollege.com’s Community Outreach Center. The goal of this institution is to improve the workers’ compensation industry for all involved; employers, recovering workers, risk managers, regulators, insurance, medical, and legal professionals alike. The core of our program, of course, is the Workers’ Recovery Professional (WRP) Certification, which is intended to provide a well rounded “Whole Person Recovery Management” skillset and philosophy to the students who undergo its studies.

The Community Outreach Center is offered as a free resource to help further the goal of a better workers’ compensation system. It is a compilation of experts providing thought provoking commentary, educational webinars, and other useful content intended to further the conversation about issues confronting our community.

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Voice of the Provider: Provided in partnership with Brooks Rehabilitation and hosted by Josh Schuette, this video blog series describes the various clinical disciplines that supports the medical recovery of an injured worker. In addition, Josh provides his own unique insights on how to best serve those clinical needs that produce the best possible outcomes for all stakeholders.

Center for Education Excellence Webinars: From “The Point” to live courses to other themed webinars, this is an eclectic library of subjects from experts within (and even beyond) workers’ compensation. Each are free to register and attend live or to watch the replay.

The RxProfessor: Authored by Mark Pew, Provost and founding partner of WorkCompCollege.com. Topics range from his two-decade focus on “the intersection of chronic pain and appropriate treatment” to aspirational messages for what work comp can be.

From Bob’s Cluttered Desk: Authored by Bob Wilson, President and founding partner of WorkCompCollege.com. After hundreds of blogs over more than a decade, his irreverent and witty observations of history and trends have been a valuable ongoing commentary on work comp.

Claire’s Corner: Authored by Dr. Claire Muselman, founder of DCM and Drake University professor. Claire is seemingly everywhere all the time, exhorting the work comp industry to think and act differently. Her articles are aspirational and inspirational and focus on not just the “hard” technical skills required for success but the “soft” skills that make success sustainable.

CompMed Insights: Authored by Donald Abrams PA, EVP of Business Development and founding partner of WorkCompCollege.com. As a clinician and entrepreneur, his articles focus on the application of evidence-based medicine to ensure an injured worker gets the care they need, but no more.

Direct from Deb: Authored by Debra Livingston, CEO and founder of ReEmployability. She was one of the first to connect return to work and supporting the broader community through non-profit organizations. Her articles focus on leadership thru the prism of a woman-owned business.

It’s COMPlicated: Authored by Abbie Hudgens, retired Administrator of the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. After a long history of leading a state-run program, she provides insights into the regulatory process as well as hints for creating a balanced system that serves all stakeholders.

Missives From The Queen: Authored by Vickie Kennedy, VP of Work Comp at Linea Solutions. During her fifty years of contributions to the workers’ compensation industry, most of those with the Washington State system, she revolutionized how return to work is managed. Those insights are reflected in her articles.

Simple Concepts by Bill Zachry: Authored by Bill Zachry, former risk manager of the year at Safeway. Bill provides tremendous insights into the claims process from a risk manager’s viewpoint in addition to system-wide observations and recommendations for improvements.

Calendar of Events: This is not just a calendar for WorkCompCollege.com but for the industry as a whole. If you have an event you’d like to promote, send an e-Mail to mpew@WorkCompCollege.com with the details.

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