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Kayla J. Lavalier

Kayla Lavalier

Work Comp Claims Adjuster, Northern Adjusters, Inc.
State Education
Class(es) Taught:
Alaska Workers' Compensation Education and Resource Module
Kayla Lavalier has been a claims adjuster for workers’ compensation claims at Northern Adjusters since December 2016. In September 2023 she added the role of client manager to her responsibilities. She graduated from Aims Community College with an AAS Medical Administration and Management. She went on to graduate from Colorado State University with a BA, Medical Administration and Management and then with a M.S., Management with a minor in Human Resource Management. During her tenure at Northern Adjusters she has grown both personally and professionally and considers helping injured workers navigate the workers’ compensation system as a way to help others in their time of need. She is excited about the opportunity to be on the WorkCompCollege.com faculty where she can share her insights on the Alaska process.
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