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Thank you for your interest in becoming faculty at Our community-driven effort calls for the dedication of people with a strong desire to improve the workers’ compensation community. We appreciate your desire to contribute to that effort.

WorkCompCollege desires to have a diverse Faculty, from immutable characteristics to technical proficiencies to professional/personal lived experience to personal opinions and geography. The depth and breadth of varying expertise and perspectives will yield a stronger curriculum that maximizes students’ benefit. Each applicant will be processed through a vetting process. Every applicant will be judged on their merit and value to the overall goals of WorkCompCollege. The focus will be on including people who have true expertise but are also authentic, objective, and passionate about helping the industry improve. Upon acceptance, WorkCompCollege will provide a Faculty Package containing all necessary information about the responsibilities and requirements. Accepted Faculty will be expected to comply with WorkCompCollege standards, from content to process, to ensure consistency of all courses across all curricula. Accepted Faculty will report to the Dean(s) of the School(s) to which they are assigned; each Dean reports to the Provost.

Please complete the form below. Our Board of Trustees and the School Deans will review applications, and may contact you for further discussion and review.

Faculty Application

If you would like to share a CV or sample of previous writings, you may upload those documents using the Optional File Upload Button Below.

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