Technology Essentials (ATEC-TE)

Regardless of the role they play, every employee engages with technology on a daily basis. When it comes to the lifecycle of a workers’ compensation claim, those touchpoints are evolving. Predictive analytics, the cloud, cybersecurity, EDI, Big Data, Internet of Behavior, self-service apps, interoperability and Artificial Intelligence are coming to work comp at a dizzying speed. Knowing what these (and more) concepts are, as well as what they mean to processes and human interaction, is important for all stakeholders. As this Forbes article states, “Nearly all employees, regardless of function, will need to get familiar with working with machines, exploring insights and leveraging recommendations which may often be different from what their previous experience would suggest.”

Technology Essentials (ATEC-TE) is a certification program within the Advanced Training & Education Center designed to provide a foundational understanding of the technology increasingly embedded into the claims process. As new apps, processes and acronyms are discussed within companies and the broader industry, ATEC-TE graduates will be equipped to better understand the implications to their tasks. The general premise of all curriculum is that people who understand the “big picture” will make more informed choices that lead to better outcomes. While students will not be an IT expert upon completion of the coursework, they will be more adaptable to advancements in technology.

The eight modules within the ATEC-TE curriculum follow technology through the workflow of a claim and provide insights from experts with the domain knowledge and practical experience to explain it to non-technical work comp stakeholders. After successfully completing the courses on’s virtual campus, a student will be rewarded with the ATEC-TE certification.

ATEC-TE was created by in collaboration with Plethy. The faculty of Technology Essentials is an outstanding collection of experts who will provide students a clear picture as to how technology affects the way they do their jobs.

  • Course 1: Technology Foundations and Cyber Security (Dr. Subu Subramanian, Chief Product Officer at Plethy & Devin Jones, Chief Strategy Officer at Active Cypher)
  • Course 2: Enhancing Claims Workflow and Injured Worker Experience with Technology (Stacy Hanson, Chief Growth Officer at Gain Life & Emily Cameron, Director of Product at Gain Life)
  • Course 3: Technology in Claims Modeling and Governance (Deborah Watkins, Founder and Chief Disruption Officer at Care Bridge International)
  • Course 4: Technology in Managing Network Partners (Kent Morgan, CEO and President at
  • Course 5: Technology in Treatment Management (Raja Sundaram, CEO at Plethy & Artemis Emslie, CEO and President at CadenceRx)
  • Course 6: Technology and How it Enables Care Provider Network Connectivity (Alex Atkins, VP of Business Development at Opyn Market)
  • Course 7: How to Roll Out a Tech-Enabled Program (Greg Hamlin, SVP / Chief Claims Officer at Berkley Industrial Comp)
  • Course 8: AI in Work Comp (Stan Smith, Founder and CEO at Gradient AI)

This is a stand-alone product, so there is no prerequisite of any other curriculum.

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