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Kayla Pigeon Esq.

Kayla Pigeon

Recovery Department Director, Sanderson Firm, PLLC
Medicare Secondary Payer Accreditation
Class(es) Taught:
Medicare Conditional Payments Part 1
Kayla joined Sanderson Firm in January 2023 as the Recovery Department Director, bringing several years of expertise in Conditional payment handling to the Firm. Kayla began her career in Medicare Secondary Payer (MSP) compliance in 2016, as part of the internal Medicare Set-Aside unit at Liberty Mutual Insurance. This position sparked her passion for MSP compliance, and she soon carved out her niche in the Conditional Payment Space. Kayla’s vast Conditional Payment experience includes but is not limited to: 1st-level contractor disputes and appeals, Department of Treasury liens, 3rd-level Medicare appeals, and Section 111 reporting. In addition to her direct experience/handling of conditional payment matters, Kayla has spent more than 2 years acting as a Senior Technical Assistant which included mentoring and training a staff of 20 to understand all facets and nuances of conditional payment handling, providing operational oversight and quality assurance reviews, and developing initiatives and processes that helped drive exceptional conditional payment outcomes. At Liberty Mutual, Kayla was awarded the Customer Experience All-Star Award in March 2022, and in May 2022, Kayla graduated from Syracuse University College of Law with her J.D. She recently passed the bar and is now a fully licensed attorney! Kayla plans to continue her career in MSP Compliance with a primary focus in Conditional Payment Services, however, broaden her experience to all legal aspects of MSP.
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