Technology Essentials (ATEC-T)

Currently under development with a scheduled launch date in late 2nd quarter, 2023

Technology Essentials (ATEC-T) – Advances in technology, from predictive analytics to “big data” to artificial intelligence to chatbots / self-service apps, are coming to work comp at a dizzying speed. Knowing what these (and more) concepts are, as well as what they mean to processes and the human interaction, is important for all stakeholders. This multi-course curriculum, led by instructors within and outside of work comp, will not only answer the what and how but also the why and what’s next. Upon successful graduation, the student will be granted the ATEC-T certification. This is a stand-alone product, so there is no prerequisite of any other curriculum. It is projected to be available in the 2nd quarter of 2023.

Check back with us soon for more information!