When The Why Is As Important As The What

The workers’ compensation industry in the United States is complex and heavily regulated. Additionally, post Y2K economic pressures resulted in the curtailing and elimination of traditional training programs, while consolidation and outsourcing resulted in higher case loads, less direct interaction and increased focus on the technical aspects of handling injured workers’ and their issues. Today, an aging industry facing the “great resignation” must refocus on proper human focused priorities in order to attract new talent and improve outcomes for all involved.

It is time to once again understand the “why” behind the “what.”

“What” we do is manage claims, providing indemnity benefits and medical services.

And this is our “why:” When properly conducted, the noble business of workers’ compensation restores shattered and broken lives. We return function and purpose to people who have experienced often tragic circumstances in their lives.

WorkCompCollege.com’s Workers’ Recovery Professional Certification program focuses on both the technical skills necessary to effectively assist injured employees (the what), but also delves into the “whole person” biopsychosocial realm necessary to achieve truly superior results (the why). Our program is truly community-driven, developed by dozens of skilled volunteers whose primary desire is to improve outcomes for all involved in workers’ comp. But don’t take our word for it. Check it out for yourself:

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WorkCompCollege.com will be launching later this fall, but if you’d like to reserve an early spot (and save significant money), you can pre-register here today!

If you want to see what coursework will look like, watch the 7 minute video below. And thank you for your interest in making workers’ compensation be the best it can be.