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Workers’ Compensation Educational Services, LLC, the parent company to, is positioned to be a preeminent force in a broad range of educational opportunities for the workers’ compensation industry. Our website manages event registration for fine organizations like The International Workers’ Compensation Foundation and the Southern Association of Workers’ Compensation Administrators. We offer timely and informative webinars, and plan to eventually host a variety of learning systems that will greatly benefit the workers’ compensation and risk management industries. Check back often, as this list of events is going to grow!

WEBINAR: Achieving a Successful Partnership Among the Stakeholders PT. 2

The workers’ compensation ecosystem has many stakeholders. Their incentives often, but don’t always, align. This can complicate how they service the two most important stakeholders … the employer and injured employee. When these various stakeholders create silos with different priorities, it can lead to suboptimal outcomes. The course will explore the potentially conflicting priorities of...

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