Announces QLI as Bronze Associate Partner

Lakewood Ranch, Fla. (January 20, 2023) – has announced QLI as a new Bronze Associate Partner. QLI is one of the nation’s premier post-hospital centers for brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, chronic pain, and limb loss. They focus on whole person recovery management which makes their mindset a perfect match for the curriculum. As part of the partnership, six QLI employees will go through the program to earn the Workers’ Recovery Professional (WRP) certification.

Robert H. Wilson, president of Workers’ Compensation Educational Services, LLC, parent company of, says, “It is an honor to partner with QLI in the furtherance of our goals. Their people and facility are first rate, and QLI’s emphasis on solution customization in the pursuit of functional restoration is unparalleled in the industry. They are a perfectly aligned to support the Whole Person Recovery Management philosophy behind the Workers’ Recovery Professional program.”

Steve Kerschke, Director of Marketing & Telerehab Services said, “Since 1990, QLI has led the nation in delivering life-changing rehabilitation and care. To us, injuries aren’t the focus of our mission – people are. That means anchoring rehabilitation around who a person is and who they can still be. This philosophy is highly aligned with WorkCompCollege’s whole person recovery approach, and we’re excited to help forge innovative ways to rebuild the lives of injured workers. We’re eager for our team members to learn more about all aspects of the worker’s compensation system and to contribute from a thought leadership perspective. In doing so, we believe we will provide better care and outcomes.”

For over a decade, there has been growing recognition of the need for change in the way injuries and illnesses that are the result of an occupational incident are managed. Cocooned in a highly regulated environment and driven by economic pressures, the workers compensation system (in many ways) has evolved into one that is process-driven, where the humanity of the people served is not often given proper consideration. This contributes to expensive litigation and unnecessary delays that cause stakeholder satisfaction to lack, along with situations that are needlessly expensive and often produce inferior results.

Voices have been calling for better ways to manage claims and improve outcomes for injured employees. Different names and phrases have been used to define this idea – workers recovery, advocacy-based claims management, bio-psychosocial adoption, whole person care – but all center around the same critical realization. Treating the entire person, understanding the injured employee’s psychology and thought process, and employing clear, concise and consistent communication methods will improve clinical outcomes while reducing friction and cost. Simply put, restoring humanity to the process is a win-win for all involved. is a community-driven effort designed to address that situation and will help continue the trend towards lower costs and improved results through education, information exchange and mentorship.

The base certification curriculum was launched live at the SAWCA conference in Colorado Springs on November 17, 2022. State-specific, discipline-specific, master’s and other advanced programs are in the planning stages for development over the next year. In addition, the school will provide an alumni association for continuing education and community.


About QLI
QLI is one of the nation’s premier post-hospital centers for brain injury, stroke, spinal cord injury, chronic pain, and limb loss. Because we know great rehabilitation is more than just the science of physical recovery, we combine the best from medicine, education, and psychology to heal the body, mind, and soul. Put simply – we rebuild lives. For more information about QLI, visit.

About is a community-driven effort to improve the workers’ compensation industry through comprehensive education infused with a whole-person recovery management mindset. The Workers’ Recovery Professional (WRP) certification is comprised of meaningful curriculum in nine schools: Claims, General Studies, Humanities, Legal, Medical Management, Regulatory/Legislative, Return to Work, Risk Management and Stakeholders. A diverse, (in)credible team of School Deans and Faculty deliver the courses in an asynchronous virtual campus environment. A service of Workers’ Compensation Educational Services, LLC and the brainchild of Robert H. Wilson, Donald A. Abrams and Mark Pew with advice and support from a distinguished Board of Trustees, this new educational platform is revolutionizing how all stakeholders within the system become more proficient, professional and passionate about their role in an injured employee’s journey to return-to-work. To learn more please go to