Workers’ Compensation Training and Education is a service of Workers’ Compensation Educational Services, LLC. This endeavor does not in any way represent itself as a certified college or university, and it does not offer “degrees.” does, however, provide a valuable training platform and certification in a virtual environment to improve workers’ compensation outcomes for those injured in an occupational setting as well as the organizations that employ them. We chose the “college” theme to reflect a higher level of learning and education, designing many of our processes to reflect and honor those elevated aspirations. The many workers’ comp professionals contributing to this community-driven effort are dedicated to improving the entire workers’ compensation industry and meet its noble purpose: To assist people in need with a “Whole Person Recovery” mindset to restore broken and shattered lives. was built by a community of people that aspire for the workers’ compensation industry to achieve the potential as set forth by the original Grand Bargain. We are comprised of people in the industry with a broad base of service time and experience, as well as those from outside the workers’ comp industry, with an interest in its improved performance. This is an effort by the workers’ compensation community for the workers’ compensation community. It started with the three founders, who created a Board of Trustees, who helped recruit the School Deans, who as a group constructed a Faculty. has continued to expand its horizon and scope with a growing list of strategic and supporting partners. The result is a community of work comp professionals, educators, and students who want to grow in their professional and personal lives, and by doing so leave our industry better than we found it.

Learn more about our various training and education programs supporting the workers’ compensation ecosystem in links below.

Workers’ Recovery Professional Certification

WorkCompCollege Associate Certification

Advanced Training & Education Center for Workers’ Compensation

State Specific Training Center for Workers’ Compensation Laws, Rules and Ethics

Workers’ Compensation Technology Essentials

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